Monday, May 16, 2011

The killing of Osama bin Laden, though it brings jubilation to the civilised world, also fascinates us with the technology used in carrying out the operation. The operation codenamed Geronimo, christened after the Apache warrior was swift and used technology as it's best. Two things impress me the most-

1. Stealth operation. The intrusion of the American attack helicopters into the Pakistani airspace could not be detected by the Pakistani radar screens. This impresses me a lot with the use of Remote Sensing technology by the Americans. The choppers traversed through the mountains to reach their destination in the Abbotabad. The way was guarded by the radar screens. The Americans knowing the position of the Pakistani radars and the topology of the terrain mapped out the areas which were out of the reach of the Radars and took their choppers through those holes in the radar shield. The photography techniques used include the spectrograph which gives 3D images of the areas mapped. This is the very same technique which was used by the English to locate the German missile positions and destroy them subsequently. The extremely simple technique made use of a 3D lens not very different from the one used in the goggles used to view the 3D movies.
2. How NSA determined that there is no telephone or internet access on the compound housing Osama??????
I will definitely like to learn.......for my country needs it............badly!!!!!!!
Kudos for science...............and SEAL Team 6