Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Real Saint and Devil - 1

People have a way with their icons-positive or otherwise. They tend to give them credit,or blame them for much that happens in the world- good or evil. Philosophers reckon them as men who defy the elements and they assume the aura of a superhuman. They alter the destinies of men across the mountains and deserts that straddle our planet, either through their direct action or through their ideas which break the barriers of time and influence the people separated temporally by centuries. Sometimes they are even deified, worshiped as gods during their lifetime. Others are considered tyrants, devils and their souls are not allowed to rest long after their bodies have been interred deep( perhaps not,for unlucky ones), by the poor chaps who were the focus of their tyrannies(think Adolf Hitler) .
I disagree with the people who consider any person extraordinary, or a superhuman, or a god, or a devil, or is seemed to wield extraordinary influence. What i mean to say is that all the virtue in the world is not due to the likes of Mahatma Gandhi( though i am a die hard fan of Bapu), Jesus, Buddha and Mahavira(The so called "superhumans" or "gods"). Neither can all the vices be attributed to Dawood Ibrahim, Osama Bin Laden, our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and their ilk.Then who is responsible? What is the driving force behind all these actions? Who drives the world? The answer is the collective actions and decisions of ours,each and every one of us, the force that drives us as an individual. Extra-ordinary men are all representatives of the forces that lie deep inside the mind of every human. They call upon those forces and are poster boys for them.  

I will comment first on how we drive the evil. How as a group we are responsible for everything that happens. Comment on the other aspect will follow.
Many people loathe the underworld, terrorists and their actions. But, they and their greed, knowingly or unknowingly perpetuate the underworld and terrorist financing.How?

Next post will tell u how??

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